June is National Acne Awareness Month

June is National Acne Awareness Month

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. We offer effective treatments for men and women suffering from active acne and acne scarring. To learn more, contact our office today!


HydraFacial is a facial rejuvenation treatment that gently extracts, cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin. Combined with cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection all in one session. It’s often sought after for its ability to address a variety of skin concerns, including acne. A recent clinical study found that 100 percent of the participants reported clearer, less inflamed skin after a series of clarifying treatments with the Hydrafacial.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are effective in addressing acne concerns, especially for those dealing with mild to moderate acne or acne scars. These peels work by applying a chemical solution to the skin, which causes exfoliation of the outermost layer of skin cells. This process helps to unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and promote the growth of new, healthier skin cells.


Microdermabrasion can be an effective treatment for acne, particularly for mild to moderate cases. It works by exfoliating the outer layer of skin, which can help to unclog pores, reduce the appearance of acne scars, and produce fresher, younger-looking skin.


Morpheus8 Treatment

Morpheus8 is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment that combines micro-needling with radiofrequency (RF) energy to improve skin quality and texture. While it’s primarily known for its effectiveness in addressing fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity, it can also be beneficial for treating active acne.


Microneedling is another popular treatment option for acne, particularly for those dealing with acne scars or uneven skin texture. This procedure involves using a handheld device that utilizes 9 precisely spaced micro needles in a small cartridge to create invisible, vertical, micro perforations into the epidermis and top layer of the dermis. These micro-injuries stimulate the body’s natural healing response, promoting the production of collagen and elastin, which can help to improve the appearance of acne scars and enhance overall skin texture.

SkinCeuticals Products

SkinCeuticals acne products include cleansers, antioxidant serums, and more. These products for acne are formulated to keep pores clear, improve the appearance of existing and past blemishes, and promote a clear, healthy-looking complexion.

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