Telemedicine appointments are a great option for patients who cannot make it into the office. It offers flexibility for immediate, convenient, and effective care. As long as you have an internet connection, a telemedicine appointment will allow you to have a video-based appointment with one of our providers. All telemedicine appointments use HIPAA-compliant software and protocols to ensure personal health information is protected, just as it would be for an in-office appointment. 

Below are some steps to get started.

1. Schedule an Appointment.

Call our office at (716) 688-0020 to schedule a Telemedicine appointment. After scheduling the appointment, we will send you two emails. One will have a link to access the patient portal. The other will have a link for the Telemedicine visit.

2. Access the Patient Portal 

Using the email received for the patient portal, you will need to login to enter or update your health history and patient information prior to the Telemedicine appointment.

3. Log into the Pocket Patient™ App 

***If are using a desktop computer with a webcam, you can skip this step. Make sure you are viewing in either a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser.*** 

On a mobile device, from the email received for the Telemedicine link, download and install the Pocket Patient™ App from the Apple Store or Google Play. If the app is already downloaded, the link will directly connect you to it. From there, follow the instructions in your email to login or create an account in the Pocket Patient™ App. Lisa S. Ball, NP URL that you will need to enter is ‘’