Tips to Keep Your Pores Looking Their Best

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Enlarged pore size is a relatively common distress for many people. The appearance of them alone can be quite concerning, but along with that, they can also lead to blackheads. Although pores cannot physically be made smaller there are some tips to make them appear smaller:

    • Wash/cleanse your face every night with a cleanser specifically related to your skin type.  Hot water actually opens up the pores of the face, which in turn allows you to remove excess build up. A splash of cold water thereafter will make your pores close up.

        Apply an oil free moisturizer after you wake up and before you go to bed (products containing oil actually enlarges pores by clogging them).

          Exfoliating agents such as prescribed retinoid medications, retinols, and microdermabrasions can provide more than a basic cleanse because they can completely strip the oils and debris caught in the pores.

            Wash your makeup off at night because clogged pores can produce oil buildup.

These tips, combined with pore minimizing products can effectively reduce the appearance of pores. Contact our office today if you would like to address your enlarged pores.